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Dissuader against pig cannibalism - liquid

Cannibalism in young and adult pigs is a serious phenomenon in intensive stock breeding, where animals live squeezed together and develop some aggressive behaviour. Cannibalism is growing up fast: as far as it appears, it spreads to almost all animals and obliges to perform even bloody actions, to limit the negative consequences.
To solve this problem has been prepared TAIL FREE, which is a product with tested efficacy, simple to use and long acting.
TAIL FREE makes animals get out of the habit of biting, acting on two centres of the sensory perception very well developed in swine, which taste buds are more numerous than in humans. The two sensory centres target of the product are:
Taste: in the product a molecule with one of the most bitter known tastes has been introduced. This molecule is free from dangerous or toxic effects and is particularly disgusting for pigs.
Smell: in addition to the bitter molecule, TAIL FREE contains a food flavour which is disliked by animals. In this way, after the first treatment, animals associate the bitter taste with the bad flavour and are driven not to bite the treated animals any more. In addition TAIL FREE includes a compound coming from selected vegetables which inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and has a sanitizing effect on wounds of already bit animals.
The deep blue colour of the product makes easy to check the treated animals.

                                                A S K    F O R   M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N


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