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Oxygen releaser disinfectant for general use - powder

Active oxygen releasing sanitizer and disinfectant.
STERIDET has a multi-active formula whose components concentrate its power.

STERIDET works both as a detergent, strong sanitizer and disinfectant. It is rich in oxidizing agents that work on the molecular structure of bacteria and viruses. 
A buffer system enables the use of STERIDET even in difficult conditions, for example where there are large quantities of organic substances or very hard water, since its formula can stabilize pH values, preventing possible increase.
The use of STERIDET is recommended because:
- solutions are harmless for animals; they are not irritant; they do not bleach; they are not corrosive; they are more than 95% biodegradable in 21 days; they do not leave odour or taste; they do not produce residue.
- the product is soluble in cold conditions and has been classified NON TOXIC.
STERIDET has been proved effective against gram+ bacteria, gram- bacteria, moulds and sporigen bacteria. STERIDET is also effective against the virus of African Swine Fever and SARS-COVID 19

                                               A S K    F O R   M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N


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