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Disinfecting fumigant for environmental treatment - solid tablets

NEO K7 is a heavy-duty disinfectant. It powerfully reduces microrganisms, including bacteria, mould and viruses, commonly found in breeding and farm equipment. NEO K7 has also been proved effective against the viruses of African Swine Fever and the SARS-COVID 19.
These microrganisms are very sensitive to the action of formaldehyde, produced as a gas from the NEO K7 tablets. During fumigation, the period of contact between the gas and the environment is long enough to allow saturation and the full action of the active principle.
The concentration of the necessary active principle for a complete treatment depends on the period of contact of the gas and the objects to be treated. One tablet of NEO K7 is suitable for 100/400 m3 according to where it is used. Each tablet of NEO K7 must be placed on a metal tray or on a heat-resistant material. When the flame has spread over the tablet, it must be extinguished by covering for a few seconds. A slow, flameless combustion begins, with a constant emission of gas for about 3 hours. The application of NEO K7 is very quick and simple. It has a strong lasting sanitizing power, and does not adversely affect most materials.
For its polyvalence against microrganisms and viruses and for its simple application, NEO K7 is used in zoothecny and in breeding: in poultry farms, pig pens, cow sheds, stables, rabbit-breeding and to treat agricultural storage bins. NEO K7 is also recommended for the treatment of locations that need a specific capillary sanitization.

A S K     F O R    M O R E    I N F O R M A T I O N

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