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Disinfectant-deodorant based on iodine complex - liquid

K JOD is a powerful disinfectant based on jodine with a large spectrum of action, extremely effective against bacteria Gram+ and Gram-, eumycetes, viruses, spores and protozoa.
Special non-ionic surface-active agents act as carriers. They are able to attack organic dirt and to make the jodine molecules active on microrganisms, thus assuring the complete efficiency of the product against a wide range of pathogenous agents.
Applied research has enabled the formulation of a chemical complex that releases free iodine in a protected form, reducing toxic and caustic effects. By using such complex, called iodophore, the various drawbacks of iodine are overcome (iodine’s insolubility in water, its irritating effect on human skin, and its corrosive effect on metal) and only the strong disinfectant and deodorant characteristics of iodine are exploited.
The product’s formula makes it a universal disinfectant and deodorant, particularly recommended for the treatment of instruments and surfaces.
The strong disinfectant power of the product comes from its potent action against most kinds of pathogen agents, making it useful for daily cleaning and disinfecting as well as for heavy-duty work, for example in the case of serious microbiological pollution and diffusion.
K JOD can be used in many fields to disinfect a variety of surfaces: floors, walls, ceilings and premises of any kind. The product can be used to disinfect livestock premises (pigs, rabbits, all kind of poultry and cattle); in the food industry and particularly in enological industry, breweries, soft drink industry, and in the packing industry.
The use of K JOD is also suggested to disinfect hospitals, clinics, hotels, public organisations and communities.

A S K   F O R   M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N


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